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Reviews and Comments on All Season Snowflake Pattern Booklet

Positive Reviews have been given by the following:
Buffalo News – New York (12/29/2004)
Charlotte Parent – North Carolina
Columbus Parent – Ohio (1/2005)
Courier Journal – Louisville, KY
Daily Record – Ellensburg, WA (1/4/2005)
Dallas Morning News – Texas (11/5/2004)
Davis County Clipper – Utah (1/4/2005)
Family Fun Magazine (3/2005)
Family Matters Community News
Family Times
Friend Magazine
Galveston County Daily News – Texas (11/29/2004)
Greenville News – Greenville, South Carolina (12/2/2004)
Hernando Today – Tampa, Florida
Idaho State Journal (1/10/2005)
Learning (1/2005)
Metroparent Magazine – Wisconsin
National Parent (2-1-2005)
Olympian – Washington State (12/26/2004)
Parent World (1/2005)
PaperWorks Magazine (2-2005)
Pebbles in my Pocket Scrapbook Magazine
Standard Examiner – Ogden, Utah (1/28/2005)
StoryBook Cove (2/2005)
Teacher’s Desk (1/14/2005)


Here are a few of the reviews

What a Fun and Creative Book…
December 27, 2004 Reviewer: Harold McFarland (Florida)

At some point in our childhood almost everyone has probably folded paper and cut snips out of it to form a snowflake pattern. Now this snowflake tradition is no longer just for the winter. Following Cindy Higham’s specific folding pattern you can copy one of the 72 stencils in the book onto the paper, cut them out and end up with a snowflake pattern for any holiday.

The patterns include hourglasses for New Years, hearts, arrows, cupids, and lips for Valentines, shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day, bunnies, lilies and baby chicks for Easter, Liberty Bells, and stars for the Fourth of July, pumpkins, black cats, owls, and ghosts for Halloween, Christmas bells, and snowmen for Christmas, teddy bears, dogs, cats, butterflies, love birds, and many others. Snowflakes for All Seasons is a very creative and fun craft book for children and adults and is very highly recommended.

PaperWorks Magazine / February 2005

This book is for the kid in all of us. The author encourages us to use the patterns to make snowflakes like those she’s designed and then experiment and make our own. She reminds us that paper snowflakes can be the least expensive decoration we can make. Paper and scissors, maybe a pencil for guidelines: It doesn’t get much simpler than that. I’d add to the comment about the bargain price of making paper snowflakes and say they’re also a lot of fun. You are encouraged to photocopy patterns from the book rather than cutting it up, which means you can also resize them. Simply fold any size paper the way the instructions suggest and enlarge or reduce the pattern to fit. You might want to get out an iron to flatten the snowflakes, or leave the folds as evidence that they were made by a human with a pair of scissors.

Cindy Higham really means it when she says “Snowflakes for All Seasons” – there are two for the New Year, seven for Valentine’s Day (those these would work well for anniversaries and bridal showers and so much more), one for President’s Day, three for St. Patrick’s Day, lots for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, each of the four seasons, Thanksgiving, and an all-purpose category called Fun Favorites that includes teddy bears, outer space, ballet dancers, cats and dogs, a ferris wheel and more. The possibilities are endless: cards, scrapbook pages, decoupage for the door to a child’s room, tiny gift tags and reverse stencils (using the snowflake cutouts as a mask around which to spray or sponge paint or ink). I smiled the entire time I was looking at the pages.

Davis County Clipper / 2/4/2005

With bad weather comes the opportunity for both children and parents to spend time participating in fun, indoor activities. For those who may have used up their creative juices over the Christmas holidays, a unique new book comes to the rescue.

“Snowflakes for All Seasons” is the brainchild of Cindy Higham. 72 snowflake patterns for every holiday fill the pages of this fun and un-intimidating book. Imagine the fun of filling space with not only white snowflakes (remember the film“Elf?”), but with colored ones as well. Make them in a variety of sizes and use to adorn windows, frame artwork or create doilies as a mat for serving special treats. Snowflakes can also be adorned with glitter, markers, watercolors or stickers. They can be cut from colored paper or old magazines.

Family Times Inc.Com

Never quite mastered the art of cutting snowflakes? This book, containing 72 easy-to-make snowflake patterns, revives an inexpensive, timeless decorating idea. The straightforward instructions, helpful tips and suggestions for experimentation take the frustration out and put the fun into this craft for all ages.


In “Snowflakes for All Seasons” the snowflake patterns are fabulous. It gives even a novice like myself encouragement that even I can do this, plus there are so many creative ways to use these patterns such as scrapbooking, school bulletin boards, and making mobiles. I highly recommend it for fun creative projects just begging to be made.

Ogden Standard Examiner / 1/28/2005

Feelin’ Flaky? Who says you can’t enjoy snowflakes year round? Maybe only God can make a tree but anyone can make a snowflake. That is, if you are talking paper snowflakes – and you happen to have a copy of Cindy Higham’s “Snowflakes for all Seasons”. The South Jordan woman’s book contains instructions and patterns for 72 snowflakes, which reach beyond traditional wintertime themes to include such designs as teddy bear and butterfly snowflakes.

And there are more…

“Book Reader” book review magazine said: “Patterns throughout the book are creative and should please the most-hard-to-satisfy child. In this age when there’s more virtual reality, it’s wonderful to get back to basics: scissors, a good eye, and a willing heart.”

A Special Education Teacher said: “This is a craft where you see fast results, helping to keep the attention span of the most hard to reach children.”

S.M. Kruse ( said: “I use Cindy Higham’s book with my student scientist’s at the Kindergarten through the twelfth grade, and university level. When students work through Cindy Higham’s designs they are then ready for more complex, multi-demensional true snow crystals.”

A reader from Utah ( said: “What a fun book! The directions are well done. I love it!”

J. Sperling from California said: “The very evening I received your book I sat down and tried two of the patterns, the teddy bear and bunny rabbit. They were delightful!”

Kurt A. Johnson of Downers Grove, Illinois, USA (Amazon customer) said: For a number of years now, we’ve had a tradition in our home. As nights lengthen and Christmas approaches, we start folding pieces of printer paper and cutting out snowflakes, which we then tape to windows, the refrigerator, etc.

When my wife brought home this book “Snowflakes for all Seasons”, I figured that it had little to say to me. Well, I was wrong!

The book starts out with a quick one-page hint page, which actually had some really good suggestions. The book then launches into snowflakes for all seasons (from New Years through Independence Day and on to Christmas). When done with colored paper, they do make lovely decorations, ones that the kids will love making.

Interestingly, the back cover has a thumbnail picture of all of the snowflakes (complete with page numbers), all made with different colored paper–seeing that alone will change your view of snowflakes!

So, please let my family recommend that you buy this wonderful(and reasonably priced) little resource for your family fun. It’s a great book!

Snowflakes for All Seasons has been featured and reviewed in magazines and newspapers across the country.

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