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Winter’s First Snowflake

Written by: Cheri L. Hallwood
Illustrated by: Patricia M. Rose

Here is a book for any child who has ever looked forward to the first snow of the year. Cheri L. Hallwood and Patricia M.Rose have created this exciting children’s book where a child can have the first snowfall of the year any time of the year. This beautifully illustrated and well written book will be a treasure in any child’s collection.

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Forever Young Publishers
P.O. Box 216
Niles, Michigan 49120

Telephone: 574-276-1805


This cute children’s book is Cheri Hallwood’s first book – and hopefully not her last. As an adult I loved it because it brought back that enchantment every child feels about the first snowfall of the year. This is a special book for every adult and child’s collection.

Cindy Higham, All Season Snowflakes


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