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Paper Snowflake Pattern Ideas

Try using colored paper for the holiday and seasonal paper snowflake patterns such as: Green for Christmas Trees, or orange or red for the autumn leaves.

Use glitter glue pens to decorate your snowflakes and make them sparkle.

Turn your home into a winter wonderland by taping them on your windows or hang them from the ceiling with string.  It‘s fun to watch them flutter when a breeze blows by.

Use paper snowflakes as backgrounds for scrapbook pages.


Paper snowflakes make great Christmas tree decorations.

Use large paper snowflake patterns on goodie plates to decorate them.

Laminate several snowflakes side by side for fun table place mats.

Paper snowflake patterns can be used to create unique and fun cards and flyers for special occasions.

Use the clipart and stamps to make your own decorative Letterhead, Business Cards, Envelopes, Flyers or Scrapbook pages.

Place them in framed photos or collages, etc.

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