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Book 4
“Snowflakes: Creative Paper Cutouts”

Shows You How to make your snowflakes wild and wonderful, perfect for the family get-together or holiday party. This craft book will turn anyone into a snowflake pro. It contains 75 full-sized patterns and includes instructions for folding, cutting, and decorating your snowflakes.$9.99

Gibbs/Smith Publishing. © 2009 8"x8". paperback 80 pgs, ISBN 13:978-1-4236-0505-8/10: 1-4236-0505-5


Book 1
“Snowflakes Made Easy and Fun”

(Limited Supply, Damaged Covers)

Remember trying to fold and cut paper snowflakes as a kid?  “Snowflakes Made Easy and Fun” brings back this fun activity with 32 full size, old-fashioned paper snowflake patterns and instructions. Also included are tips for decorating them and with them. You will never make a square snowflake again! Please, get the book and have some greta Hands-on fun!$5.95

© 1996, 8 1/2 X 11, paperback, 36 pages, ISBN 0-9651163-2-8


Book 2
“Snowflakes For All Seasons”

This exciting book makes creating beautiful paper snowflakes a fun family adventure. 64 full size patterns and easy to read instructions make this a fun activity for both children and adults. You‘ll find patterns to fold and cut for all seasons and most holidays. The patterns include designs for Valentine hearts, Easter bunnies, spring flowers, stars, teddy bears, the Liberty Bell, spiders, Jack-o-lanterns, Thanksgiving turkeys, fall leaves, Christmas trees, old fashioned snowflakes and many more!  This book incorporates 15 of the patterns from the first book and then adds many, many more. Includes index.

©1998, 8 1/2 X 11 paperback, 72 pages ISBN 0-9664524-0-2


Book 3

8 New Patterns, New Ideas, Improved Instructions!

Snowflakes is the best snowflake book ever created! Why make boring old, everyday cut-out snowflakes when you can customize them for any special situation? This craft book is perfect for kids of all ages, and will turn anyone into a snowflake pro. $9.95

Gibbs/Smith Publishing
© 2004, 8" X 8", paperback, 80 pages, ISBN 1-58685-528-X


Snowflake Computer Clip-Art | TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT!

If you enjoy creating fun and exciting documents on your computer you will love our “Snowflakes for all Seasons” computer clip art.  This CD contains 78 snowflake designs in three formats, two that can be used on a PC and one for MAC. Just use your Internet browser to view the snowflakes. | SOLD OUT!


Snowflake Rubber Stamps | SOLD OUT!

Do you enjoy creating your own cards, flyers, invitations, scrapbook pages, etc? Then you will love our collection of snowflake rubber stamps.  25 snowflake patterns have been created into rubber stamps in two sizes. These are high quality rubber stamps mounted on wood base. SOLD OUT!

“All Season Snowflakes - provides so much fun!”
– EB, Sandy, UT

A hobby loved by all ages! Adults have just as much fun as children do!

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